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We offerCustom Software Development

We @ Golden Leaf IT Solution, along with in-depth analysis and deep down research of client requirements, exhibit a wide range of proficiency in creating, implementing and deploying customized applications, for clients worldwide over 51+ countries, executing the latest tools & technologies. As a proficient Custom Software Development Company, our competent technical and functional abilities help us maintain a chosen vendor status with Fortune 100 clients all over the world. Our Custom Software Solutions are reflections of the top class project execution methods and QA practices that we follow keeping in mind the best of quality and timely deliveries to our esteemed customers. We ensure that our solutions seamlessly accommodate inclinations and expectations of our clients, keeping in mind the specific user based functionalities and thereby, garner a higher satisfactoriness with an abridged implementation cycle time.

We recognize that in spite of the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, RIA remains a strong alternative solution for mobile browsing by the virtue of increased developer productivity and standardized features of the application environments. The extensive use of these JavaScript or plugins based technologies link up the communications technologies with the desktop and the web to deliver client and application server cohesiveness, leading our applications into a stable domain.

The unmatchable user experiences for web and mobile applications makes Silverlight a popular plug-in, powered by the .NET framework , robust IDEs like Visual Studio 2010 & Expression Blends and its compatibility with multiple browsers, devices and operating systems. On the other hand this very popular plugin based technology is facing a tough challenge from Rich Internet Applications Frameworks like Ajax, Google Web Toolkit, AngularJS, Vaadin and JavaScriptFX.

Our Offerings

  • Rich Internet Application
  • Developing animation rich website
  • Web Widgets development
  • Audio and video integration with windows media streaming
  • Integration of WCF/RIA services
  • Integrate Silverlight functionality in to current website for better interactivity
  • IDE used are Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blends
  • Open Source RIA frameworks like Ajax, Google Web Toolkit, AngularJS, Vaadin and JavaScriptFX.