Goden Leaf IT Solution Services

We offerSoftware Testing & QA Services

As an independent software testing company, Golden Leaf IT Solution offers sophisticated and exhaustive Software Testing Consultancy services, with a committed, competent and proficient testing team, dedicated to persistently refining quality. Our demarcated standard testing procedures have a perfect amalgamation of manual as well as automated testing. Our primary focus is to ensure enhanced quality at each junction of the project, target almost zero Post Delivery Defects and achieve utmost customer satisfaction with consistent analysis and even-handed assessment.

With the implementation of our extensive ticket management tool, which tracks the history of the tickets generated and has proved to be of great utility for issue analysis, rework effort / analysis and SLA compliance reporting, we have been able to streamline the quality practices at each interval of the project.

Through manual testing, our experts replicate the user behaviour, following the consistent processes, testing the exact scenario, attempting to cull out all the unforeseen bugs much prior to actual system implementation. Owing to our meticulous test cases and plans, the software tested by us is sure to be reliable, quality rich and full proof, be it in-house, third party testing services or custom development.